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Inventory file for production of finished/needed product

Question asked by khil on Sep 4, 2013
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Inventory file for production of finished/needed product


     I am looking for some guidance or a pointer where I could find some info on this.


     I need to create a database that keeps track of the input needed to produce a product.  I have product a that is made by mixing ingredients a, b, c, d, and f together.  Product b is produced by mixng ingredients a, c, e, g, and h together and so forth.  I am no trying to create a database that keeps trac of my inventory for products a and b and if either one gets low can tell my to produce that product and if I enter how much in need to produce (such as a batch size) it tells me how much of the input ingredients I need and what I have on hand and what I would need to order.  Complicated enough?

     The fornt part of this is fairly easy.  I have a invetory database theat keeps track of my finished products and creates internal orders when I need to produce.  In addition to that I have a table with my recepies that tells my wht ingredients in what amount I need to produce the finished product.  Where I am running into a bloc is how do I create a table/database/script or whatever that useses these to pieces of info (internal order and recepie) to create the info such as ingredients needed and ingredient inventory levels.

     Can anybody point me in the right direction or to a post that answers this wquestion or similar?