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Inventory Help

Question asked by mabrowni on Aug 17, 2009
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Inventory Help


I am a small business owner and am looking to use FileMaker Pro to organize my inventory. I also want to use it to track the amount of items in my store. We are not using barcodes and scanners, we simply want to create a button on the inventory database that says 'sold.' When we click on this button we want it to subtract 1 from the "Amount in Stock" label on the inventory for the item we have selected.


Is this the best way to use FileMaker to track purchases? And if so, how can I create this function so that I can keep track of how many items I have in my store? Would/could this also include a way for me to show the items that have been sold this week/month/year? I want it to essentially remove one but still keep the file so that it would be placed into some sort of list that could show what all I've sold.