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Inventory lookup

Question asked by JeremyFrazier on Jun 19, 2013
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Inventory lookup


     I am new to filemaker, about 2 weeks old. I have spent many many hours reading tutorials, watching videos, building, and searching for answers. So far everything is going great and I have created far more than I ever thought possible when I started. It took me 2+ hours to have have a field pop up on a different table, and 4 to make a button to find all past records related to the current one.

     I have searched all over for an answer to this question and I'm sorry if there are hundreds of post and I'm just not using the right teminology to find them.


     I am running a repair and storage warehouse for a school district. I have all inventory listed in on table, and made an invoice for repairs done. All I'm trying to do is have a field in the inventory table, to input the barcode number and have it show me the rest of the information about the item. The problem I'm having is if I try to look at another item using the barcode number it seems to instead change the barcode number of the item I am currently on to what I am trying to search for, so now I am looking at the same item but with a wrong barcode number. 


     I've tried making a search field, making a new field and attaching a button and can't get anything to work. I tried "Prohibit modification," and unchecking the "Field entry" but then I can't put in a search. Anything I do just seems to make a mess. This seems like a simple process, I dont need to search every field, on the current "barcode" field, for an exact number.


     Thanks for your help