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    Inventory management using FMpro, FMgo



      Inventory management using FMpro, FMgo & CNS barcode


      I am looking to add a few scripts into my FMpro data base of products we stock in-store. The idea being that when stock comes in we can scan the barcodes using cns barcode to add stock levels automatically and when stock goes out scanning the bar code would decrese the stock levels without having to phisically delet and type in the new stock level. A script that would simply increase the level by 1 unit per barcode scan or decrese it. Anyone know how I would do this?  I am very new to all this!  Thanks

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          If you use the search tool at the top of this page to search for "bar code" you can find several threads that discuss how to set this up with FileMaker Pro and some discussions on using barcode scanners with iOS divices using FM Go.

          The basic concept from within FileMaker Pro, is to get a scanner that uses KeyBoard Emulation (almost all do) and that can be programmed to put additional text at the beggining and end of the scanned text. From there, an OnKeyStroke script trigger can check for the text added to the begging of the scan in order to place the cursor in a text field so that the scanned data is entered into a text field. Text at the end of the scan can also be checked to know when the data has been completely scanned or you can append an enter, return or tab character to the end of the scanned data and use OnObjectExit on the text field to trigger a script that will process your scanned data.

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            I don't know if this will be of help to you or not - I just went through this very issue over the last few months and have come up with a solution viable either on iphone or ipad - using the camera OR  bluetooth barcode scanner.  Contact me if you're interested - I can then send you the link to a video of it in action.

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                   I don't know if anyone is still following this - I have followed the CNS tutorial and several other forum posts/answers

                   I have spent hours trying to make this script work and cannot figure it out.

                   Any help at all would be fantastic.

                   I am trying to get the CNS barcode app to pull the scans (preferably multiple scans) into the Scanned Id field - so that the data can be imported by the script (that does work) to the attendance 

                   I am so lost - does anyone know where I went wrong with this?