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Inventory On Hand Calculation

Question asked by JantzSelk on Jul 19, 2011
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Inventory On Hand Calculation


I'm having a little issue tracking inventory due to some amount complications. I have multiple ingredients that are displayed in a portal along with their amounts.

This is a hypothetical example of what this portal looks like for a total quantity of 50 units. 

Ingredient #1----> 10 units

Ingredient #2----> 5 units

Ingredient #3----> 15 units

Ingredient #4----> Qs to 50 units

The problem being that "ingredient #4" does not usually display the amount of 20 units, which would make the total of 50 units but instead says "Qs" meaning bring to final volume. Without going into too much unnecessary detail the reason for this "Qs" is to account for variation's in the other ingredient amounts. So i have the proper calculations and script triggers set to subtract the amount used from "inventoryOnHand" the problem comes when trying to subtract the "Qs" amount. Has anyone dealt with a situation like this or could point me in the right direction? Any help is appreciated!