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    Inventory Portal Issue



      Inventory Portal Issue


           I am developing a massive database (30+ related tables) I am attempting to use portals to pull inventory items, price etc. into another table (eg work orders) The portal creates & I have directed the individual fields to the corresponding fields from the main inventory table. Yet when I exit layout I can't even click on these fields in a work order record. I'm yhinking it has something to do with the join table but that is a whole different question. Any ideas would be helpful

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               You'll need to tell us a lot more about the design details and relationships. If you can't enter a field, it could be as simple as a behavior setting selected in the inspector that prohibits field entry when in browse mode or it could be something else...

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                 Unfortunately, because I don't know what's going wrong I have no idea of what to describe about the relationships etc that may help.

                 Thanks for the attempt!


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                   Start with a field on one of your layouts that you can't edit. Select it in layout mode and check "display data from" on the inspector's data tab. The text to the left of :: will be the name of a table occurrence in Manage | Database | Relationships. (A table occurrence is one of the "boxes" found in this tab.)

                   If it's in a portal, note the name of the table occurrence displayed in the lower left corner of the portal. Whether or not it is in a portal, open layout setup and note the name of the table occurrence specified in "Show Records From". This should provide you with up to three table occurrence names. Now find them in Manage | Database | Relationships and capture a screenshot that includes all of them and the relationships that link them to each other.

                   Note: if this check does not produce more than a single table occurrence name, you probably don't have an issue with your relationships and you then need to check the field options specified for the field in manage | database | Fields and the field behavior options selected in the inspector for these fields.

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                     Forgot this detail: After you have captured your screen shot, use the controls below Post A Answer to upload it to this thread. (Directions say to click "Save" below. They should say to click "Post Answer".)

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                       The screenshot from the layout setup doesn't show the drop down window but, all of my table occurances do show.

                       The second screenshot (that will be uploaded next) is my "congested" relationship graph.

                       I really appreciate your input! Thank You!!

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                         Here's my relationship graph.

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                           And in precisely which fields in this layout are you unable to enter/edit data?

                           I can spot two immediate issues that are likely factors.

                           1)  in the portal to Inventory, you have a field named Qty. It should list as ::Qty. The fact that is doesn't tells me that this field is defined in WorkOrders--which is the wrong table in which to define this field.

                           2) Inventory seems the wrong table occurrence for your portal. I can't trace the relationships in your relationship graph given the way you have organized the table occurrence boxes, but if this portal is something that you intend to use to list items from inventory that are to be part of this work order, then you should have a relationship like this:


                           WorkOrder::__pkWorkOrderID = WOLineItems::_fkWorkOrderID
                           Inventory::__pkInventoryID = WOLineItems::_fkInventoryID

                           If this notation is unfamiliar, see this thread: Common Forum Relationship and Field Notations Explained

                           Your portal would then be set up to refer to WOLineItems--not Inventory.

                           Qty would be defined as a field in WOLineItems and _fkInventoryID would be set up with a drop down list of values from Inventory::__pkInventoryID and "Allow creation..." would be enabled in the WorkOrder to WOLineItems relationship.

                           PS. I can see a relationship to Inventory LineItem 3 that may be intended for this purpose, but your portal isn't pointed at it, nor does there appear to be a link from it to Inventory.

                           PS #2: see this article for a way to better organize your table occurrences and relationships: http://sixfriedrice.com/wp/six-fried-rice-methodology-part-2-anchor-buoy-and-data-structures/


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                             Thanks Phil for all your input. I have a few join tables (line items) in place but haven't yet gotten into them enough yet.

                             I will try your suggestion (as well as the one for cleaning up the relationship graph)

                             I'll let you know how it goes!