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Inventory Report Glitch

Question asked by ashleyhoward-cronin on Apr 5, 2013
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Inventory Report Glitch


     I am trying to get an accurate inventory per part # for what was left at our warehouse after 30 days.  When I compare the 30 day inventory report to an inventory summary report (everything that is in the warehouse currently) they do not match.  When I total up the pounds (we charge our customer by the weight) per individual part # most of them match (for example part ABC stays 2,000 pounds on both reports), but there are a couple that are way off (for example part # XYZ will be on one report, but not the other or the 30 day report will state 30,000 pounds and the inventory summary will state 2,500 pounds).  I'm assuming there is a programming error, but since I did not write the program I cannot find the issue.  I went into the define fields section and the "days in inventory" field has the following equation:

     If(SHIPPED ? ,If( Ship Date > REPORT DATE, REPORT DATE - Received Date , Ship Date - Received Date ) ,REPORT DATE - Received Date )