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    Inventory Stock Updating on Business Kit



      Inventory Stock Updating on Business Kit


      I downloaded the business kit which has been very useful apart from one obvious lack.  When filling out a sales order, you select your product from the inventory which autofills all the felds - great - however, it does not update the amount in stock.  I do not understand why this is because all the elements of the kit are related.  Surely, each sale should reflect in the amount left in stock.

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          I have the same issue and cant figure out how to make a relationship between the two.  if the sales dont adjust the inventory then the BPK is next to usless to me. 


          Can someone please help solve our problem?


          Did you find a solution jeffinergiraffe? http://fm.lithium.com/fm/view_profile?user.id=8612

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            I just downloaded the Business Productivity Kit to try it myself.  There is a relationship between Sales Orders and Inventory.  This is shown in the portal that lists the items below.


            I can see several reasons why the inventory is not deducted.  For example, what stops a person from deleting a portal row from Inventory?  You may want to create a script and attach it to a "Shipped" field.  Then, when checked, a script can be executed that then goes into each portal row, grab the quantity and subtracts it from the Inventory total.  Another option would be to have an Inventory Transaction table that shows the number added to inventory, and the items sold.  This would keep a running count of all inventory on hand.  For example, if someone adds 100 items to inventory ID #1, and 10 items are sold to inventory ID #1, followed by 25 added to inventory, then a summary field could show an on-hand total of 115.


            This would require you to change the existing Sales Order layout so it also shows you the on-hand quantity prior to shipping.  If something is out of stock or back ordered, that would be important in case a customer needs a quick sale.


            This should give you a good starting point.  Let me know if you need clarification for any of the above steps.



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              For thread where there is a discussion of how to set up an inventory transactions log, see the following thread: