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    Inventory Summary Question



      Inventory Summary Question


      I am pretty new to FileMaker Pro so please forgive me if this is a dumb question.  I don't know how to get the relationship between the two tables / layouts.  I have the following inventory example in one table/layout:

      ID#:  Type #:  Length:  Qty:

      01,    type 1,     10         5

      02,    type 1,     20         3

      03,    type 2,      5,         1

      04,    type 2,      10,        5

      05,    type 2,      15,        10

      06,    type 3,      5,          5

      07,    type 4,      5,          2

      What I would like to have in another table/layout is the following

      Type:  Total Qty

      type 1,     8

      type 2,     16

      type 3,     5

      type 4,     2

      What is the relationship criteria to use?

      Thanks for your help

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          Assuming that you each row in your example is a different record, you can create a summary report layout based on the same table.

          Change the body layout part into a sub summary when sorted by Type # (Double click the body, layout label while in layout mode). Define a "total of Qty" summary field to total up the quantities, and then place the type and this new summary field in the sub summary part. Now return to browse mode and sort your records by the same field you specified as the "sorted by" field for you sub summary part.

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            Thank you, that is so much easier then the way I was going.