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Inventory system help using FMP12

Question asked by DustyHanes on Jul 13, 2012
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Inventory system help using FMP12


I am needing a little help tailoring the Inventory starter solution to my company's needs.

We are a heating and air conditioning filter service company, and Filters are the products I'm trying to keep track of. We use filters of various sizes and quality on each of the Jobs that we perform for our Customers. I've imported our inventory list into FMP and that worked just fine.

I have set up the following tables:

  • Customers (holds customer info and a portal pulling all jobs for that customer from the related Jobs table
  • Jobs (shows the job location, frequency, etc.)
  • Cut List (Our word for the list of what filters we're using on each job)
  • Inventory
  • Stock Transactions (Already present on the starter solution, but haven't totally figured out its purpose)


Since we use many various filters per job, I'm trying to figure out the best way to list the inventory that each job takes, as well as the best way to quickly pull the filters used on each job out of the current inventory. It would take a long time to remove them from inventory one filter size at a time. What would be really great is to have a "Remove All From Inventory" button that would somehow compile the job's filters and remove each one and their quantity from inventory. In effect, when I "check-in" a job as complete, I'd like to be able to quickly remove the filters used on that job from inventory.

I know I've just said the same thing a few different ways, but I'm trying to be very clear about my goal. If I could get some suggestions to point me in the right direction I would very much appreciate it. What I'm not understanding is how to get FMP to group each job's filters used into a total that can then be linked and used in a script or calculation, etc.

Thanks so much for any and all help. Please ask for clarification of any details you need.