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Inventory Table?

Question asked by HollyGiovannetti on Jul 11, 2014
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Inventory Table?


     I need to set up a parts inventory table. My confusion is that most parts go in to many different finished products, and come from many different companies and I am having problems figuring out how to take the information I have in an excel sheet, and put it in a table so that each part is separate, but some how still connected to the finished product it goes in to. Each part is listed with its own item number, the problem is that finished products are listed in the excel sheet along side the different parts. I'm not sure if I need to remove these from the table before I import it to filemaker, so that the parts table in filemaker will only have the parts numbers, and not the finished product numbers as well. I'm also confused as to what to use as the primary key and foreign key between the parts inventory table and the finished product table, when the item numbers will not match. I'm thinking the finished products primary key would be the name of the finished product and then in the parts inventory, the foreign key would be the product name, but what do I do when one part may go into different finished products? Then I need to have the contacts table connect to the parts table so that when a part needs to be ordered, it will show what contact we order the part from.