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Inventory template and some changes

Question asked by AlexRansome on Jul 19, 2012
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Inventory template and some changes



I have been tasked at work to make an Inventory database that allows the stock of cable to be monitored. The "Inventory" template is the one I have looked at and what to adopt, but make some changes to. Can someone point me in the right direction.

The changes I'd like to have in my database is to able to search by bar-code information, so a number is put into a field and that finds the record for that bar-code (in my database I deal with cable and each cable has it's own bar-code) and then when the record has been found have two buttons, one button to add a cable to the stock level and another to remove a cable from the stock level. The stock level should be visible on the record page.

I think that the template Inventory's way of adding transactions is not quick enough, I don't want to enter the date (can this be done automaticaly) or a description (I assume I can just delete these fields) but I would like the IN or OUT to change on the press of the corresponding button.

Thanks for any pointers.