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Inventory Totals by Status

Question asked by Badam on Aug 19, 2014
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Inventory Totals by Status


     I have an inventory section of a solution and I am trying to get totals for particular part numbers based on the parts status.

     The different parts statuses are “On-order”, “On-Hand” and “Assigned” (to an order).

     The result I am looking for would be:

     For part number – 123 there are:

     5 - On-order

     10 - On-Hand

     7 – Assigned to orders

     I am looking for these to be 3 different fields that would appear in an inventory record when the user is looking at it. It would act as a summary of the inventory for that given part number. In other words, if you were looking at any inventory record for part number 123 you would know how many appear in the total inventory grouped by their status.