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Inventory Tracking Changes

Question asked by user14040 on Oct 3, 2014
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Inventory Tracking Changes


I am using the Inventory sample database that came with FM and its working our get for my company.

Ive made some changes and I am stuck on one part.  I am trying to track changes to the inventory by creating a Modified table and using lookup to insert changes in a portal.

The inventory items are track as they should be because it is the same record that is being changed, the problem come when I want to track changes to the transaction section.  Its only show changes that are made in record number 1 and the the rest of the records in the portal.

Relationships are

Modifiedby_Lookup:ID - Inventory:Item ID Match Field

Modifiedby_Lookup:ID - Stocktransaction4:ID

 Not sure what im doing wrong