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Inventory w/ Varying Colors and Sizes

Question asked by mperley on Mar 8, 2014
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Inventory w/ Varying Colors and Sizes


     I'm developing a sales order write-up solution for our company and struggling with the right approach to adding line items. We process sales for a variety of inventory items, from simple items (just a SKU and qty) to complex ones (one SKU, but different colors and sizes). For these complex items, I'm trying to avoid having to add a line for each unique combination of size and color, and would prefer to simply select the SKU and then be able to add different size and qty combinations. The different size and qty combinations would sum to the total qty on the main line item.

     Is this type of thing possible with FileMaker? Because the items we order don't always have different size and color combinations I would prefer to not have to add this type of information for every line, but instead be able to add this as "extra" information as needed. Just curious if anyone else has done this type of thing or if I need to completely alter how I'm approaching the problem.

     Thanks in advance for the help.