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    Inventory with Barcode creation with scanner support



      Inventory with Barcode creation with scanner support


      I have been making fcp databases for my company for the past 6 years so i would rate myself as decent with the program.

      I now have a ebay business when i am keeping track of several hundred items as they come in and go out, all used items, so i need to assign each a serial number and cant just use a standard product as this one may be in mint condition and thats other one might be missing xyz. Right now im doing it manually.

      Could anyone point me in the right direction for a post or add on solution to my fmp11 database that would allow me to:

      1. assign a serial number, have that serial number converted to a barcode and printed to a label.

      2. Be able to scan a label with a handheld barcode scanner (or better yet an iphone) and have that bring up the item in my inventory.


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          You can print a barcode from a computer just by formatting the text with the barcode font for the type of bar code you elect to use. And Filemaker can print that code to a label on either a sheet of labels in your printer or a dedicated lable printer.

          The serial number can just be an auto-entered serial number field so that adding an item to your inventory just adds a new record and this field will automatically provide the unique serial number.

          Here's a very recent link on using a barcode scanner with FileMaker Pro: Creating a new record/accessing a record upon scanning a barcode FileMaker Pro 11

          You'll also want to visit and search the FM GO section of this forum where you can find some threads on using a barcode scanner with an iPhone--they don't function in exactly the same simple manner as the scanner connected to a computer if I recall correctly, so you'll want to talk with some people there who have actually set this up and used a scanner with such a device.