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Inventory with serial number turnover

Question asked by davidel on Sep 29, 2009
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Inventory with serial number turnover


Dear All,


                  I am really confused how to manage incoming serial number (Receive part from supplier) and

outcoming serial number (Ship parts to customer). The reason why I insisted to use serial number because 

similar part number might have different cost depends on the date when the part was received from supplier

(The cost depends on Yen/Euro conversion during arrival date).


                  I did setup suppliers, customers, parts, order, invoice, inventory and inventorylines tables.

In the Order layout, I have the order tables and inventorylines tables (portal row), and I used this portal row to 

enter incoming parts number, incoming serial number, input qty, price, sub total and grand total.


Inside the Inventory layout, There are inventory tables (part number, part detail, number of stock in hand) and

inventorylines tables (portal row). I want to make sure that when we enter part number in the inventory tables (find mode),

and all detail stock in hand appear in the inventorylines tables/portal row inside inventory layout (serial number, qty, price).

It means that once data was entered through the order layout (inventoryline tables), the inventoryline tables inside the 

Inventory layout also show all data of stock in hand including the latest entered data. (serial number, qty, price)


In the Invoice layout, I set the invoice tables and inventoryline tables (portal row). 

I am going to the input outcoming parts number, outcoming serial number, output qty, price, sub total and grand total

into the inventorylines table. When this data is entered (outcoming serial number, outcoming parts number and etc),

the detail stock in hand inside the inventorylines table (portal row inside inventory layout) also get updated.

Simple way to say it, As i entered the outcoming parts data inside the inventorylines tables of the invoice layout,

the related parts data (based on the serial number) in inventorylines table of the inventory layout is deleted.


               Would anyone be willing to tell me whether this kinda system would be possible to be built

through filemaker ?  What is the easiest way to do it ?  Any advice would be highly appreciated.

Thanks all.