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    inventory, receipts, clients and invoices



      inventory, receipts, clients and invoices



           I need a software to do the following and was wondering if FileMaker Pro can do it, and which direction can I take to achieve it.

           I buy inventory parts online, and need to keep track of the parts, and attach a purchase receipt to every purchase. Then I work with clients, and I need the software to assign invoices to clients for every job done. I need to keep track of every client and the dates of invoices per client. If I install/sell a part from the inventory to a client, the part needs to be assigned to the client's invoice.

           Thanks for any assistance.

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               FileMaker can do what you describe. In fact, the starter solutions that come with FileMaker can do some of this though they would need modification to provide the complete system. (They can, however, serve as examples in how to manage, sales, purchasing and inventory.)

               But the key question is "Can YOU do it with FileMaker?" This depends on both your skill and experience and on your ability to invest time in learning how to create the solution that you need or whether you can acquire the solution from a consultant or other third party source after they have used FileMaker to produce the solution.