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Inventory/Ordering system with Filemaker

Question asked by RenoBladergroen on Jan 14, 2013
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Inventory/Ordering system with Filemaker



     In our lab we are using Filemaker to stream the ordering of products: 

     - starting from an Inventory template designed by some company, I designed a system with which we can scan the barcode of a product of which all the information needed is then automatically mailed to the responsible person, who can then just copy-paste the info into his/her order form.

     The latter part I want to automate as well. So I reproduced the orderform they use here at the university in filemaker (originally excel). When I order just 1 item, I just transport that info to the appropriate fields and press print.

     But now comes my question: when I have multiple items bought from different suppliers, I would like to make the system in such way, that all items are transfered, but of course sorted by supplier after which a one form is printed per supplier.

     I can't get it right, so can someone help me in the right direction?

     Thanks in advance,