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    Inventory/Ordering system with Filemaker



      Inventory/Ordering system with Filemaker



           In our lab we are using Filemaker to stream the ordering of products: 

           - starting from an Inventory template designed by some company, I designed a system with which we can scan the barcode of a product of which all the information needed is then automatically mailed to the responsible person, who can then just copy-paste the info into his/her order form.

           The latter part I want to automate as well. So I reproduced the orderform they use here at the university in filemaker (originally excel). When I order just 1 item, I just transport that info to the appropriate fields and press print.

           But now comes my question: when I have multiple items bought from different suppliers, I would like to make the system in such way, that all items are transfered, but of course sorted by supplier after which a one form is printed per supplier.

           I can't get it right, so can someone help me in the right direction?

           Thanks in advance,


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               What set of tables, relationships do  you have now?

               What version of FileMaker are you using?

               What does this "order form" look like?

               Most ordering, purchase order or invoicing systems are built around these tables and relationships (though the names may be different):


               Do you have such in your setup?

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                 I hope I can attach a pdf file, which shows the relations I have now. The order form is just a table, in which you can write the product description, ordernumber, amount to order en valuta. So I was thinking to let this be a portal, showing the appropriate data form a temporary table, which I now called Batch transfer. The form is called C5. Then from the batch transfer table I sort on supplier, but then... how can I split the sorted table in such way that different records are generated by this sorting?

                 Oh, I'm using FileMaker Pro11.

                 Thanks for your help!

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                   Was this a PDF that you uploaded? Previously, attempting to upload a PDF worked, so I'm wondering if the recent update/bug fix included support for PDF's.

                   I suggest taking a look at this sample file: http://fmforums.com/forum/showpost.php?post/309136/

                   It's a very simple invoicing system, much less complicated than the invoicing system that comes as a starter solution with FileMaker 11. Note how an Order (Invoice) can be created using a portal and note how the tables, relationships and layouts are designed to make that work. (This file downloads as a zip archive. You'll need to extract the file from the archive before you can examine how it is designed.)