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    Invisible data record info



      Invisible data record info


      I am new to FMP. Why can I not see the filled in data in my data base records? I have to go over the individual fields with the mouse arrow to see the information. Any help would be appreciated----------Thanks.

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             Check the text colour and fill pattern (select the field(s) and choose Text… from the Format menu in layout mode).
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            Thank you for the quick response. But, I didn't adequately describe my problem. When I look at the data base in the list view all the inputed data is shown, but when I switch to the list view, the individual records are blank unless I put the cursor over the particular field. I want to look at all the data in the fields at once. What am I doing wrong ?-----------------

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              What do you see when you enter layout mode? Most basic layouts have three labeled parts: Header, Body, Footer. If the fields in question are in the header or perhaps just barely "touch" the header boundary, you may not be able to see the correct values until you click on that record to make it "current".


              Is that what you are seeing? If so, move your fields down until you are sure they neither touch nor cross the boundary between header and body parts and then check them in Browse mode.