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Invisible Fonts after Snow Leopard

Question asked by peepsula on Aug 31, 2009
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Invisible Fonts after Snow Leopard


FM 9 user with 2 different DB's with a number of layouts.   After installing SL many layouts in both DB have fields that appear blank.  The data is there as it appears in other table layouts and the pull-down menus behave.    I can do a copy and paste and see the fields hold the data. If I add a field to the layout it will appear.  I have tried changing the color and format of the field luck.    File appears to be fine as I can open it on my Leopard clone and everything functions properly.   I tried opening it with a trial of v. 10...same result.   I reinstalled v. 9 same result.


Next step would be a clean install....but I thought I would send it up the flag pole first.