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Question asked by DanielJenkins on Feb 8, 2015
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In my invoice, I want a field to display "price per night", this figure will be either one of two, based on the arrival date of the booking. I have two prices, High season price per night & low season price per night.
My prices table is
Accommodation Type                    High Season Price per Night                 Low Season Price per Night

I want a price per night field within my invoice to display either the high season price or low season price based on the arrival date of the booking

High season is 01/04 - 30/09. So if the arrival date was within that range, I'd want the cost per night to display the price per night for the accommodation type specified for the High Season.

How would I do this as a calculation field? I've tried several ways and it either only displays the low season price, regardless of the arrival date or it returns a "?".

Thanks, Daniel Jenkins