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Invoice 'Report' - going quite insane

Question asked by RBowering on Feb 17, 2011
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Invoice 'Report' - going quite insane


Before I kill someone..................... (metaphorically speaking)

I'm trying to replicate an existing MS Access report (see screenshot) in Filemake Pro 11.

Although the Invoice is quite busy with a number of tables and header, footer and icon, it's fundamentally a one to many Invoice <<<  Invoice Details relationship. It's for my Contract Services business so it needs (currently) to count the number of days (recorded in each Invoice Detail record) worked in an Invoice period (typically a month) and multiply that total by my daily rate (stored in the Invoice table). Additionally it'll need to add up any additional expenses for the Invoice grand total (thank heavens I'm not VAT registered at the moment).

In Access there's a top down way of doing this - create the Invoice record and then make up the Body part by including the Invoice detail records..

I've been Googling Filemaker solutions and they all suggest starting at the Invoice Detail (child) level, creating a Body section with these listed in it - so far so good

Then they suggest creating a Sub-Summary, then my problems start!!! First, I'm not sure if I'm sub-summarising by a record in this 'Child' record set or by finding the 'Parent' Invoice ID. And when I put either field in the Sub-Summary area I don't see the field data, just the field label, grrrrrrr

Could someone let me know if words of no more than two syllables how I can achieve my Invoice solution, thank you

To summarise the data tables I'm using

Invoice Header table containing Invoice Number and Date, Agency ID, Client ID, expenses details...

Agency The Contract agency linked to Invoice by Agency ID

Client The Customer I'm working for, linked to Invoice by Client ID

Invoice details The Daily Invoice Line for each day worked. A child of Invoice linked by Invoice ID

The final Invoice needs

a) Report/Page Header (logo and company info)

b) Invoice Header (sub summary?) (Invoice details inc invoice number, agencyu, client and invoice dates)

c) Invoice Details (body?) (daily invoice detail)

d) Invoice Footer (sub summary?) (totalling days worked, calculating totals and including expenses

e) Report/Page Footer (more company info)