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Invoice and Clients

Question asked by AndrewJudd on Dec 23, 2014
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Invoice and Clients


Hi all, I'm trying to copy a function in the starter solutions, invoice database.

The one where you can click the popover and choose from your customer (client) table list. I've got as far as the popover displaying data from my client table correctly, and the cursor does change to the hand symbol. When you click it it states the field is not modifiable..

I think I need a script (or a button?) to make the data in the popover get pasted into the invoicee name and address field (and the popover close). Surprisingly difficult step.

I've attached a screenshot of my relationship tables in case that is helpful..

If I can get this working I assume it will be straightforward to lift and pull data from my inventory table (in this case artworks) and have a similar button / operation for choosing which artwork is being added to an invoice - as a final step I want the artwork table to change field status to "sold" when an artwork is invoiced.