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Invoice and Inventory...relationship help?

Question asked by sabrown on Apr 11, 2011
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Invoice and Inventory...relationship help?


After reading the forums for a while (especially this: I have four tables set up:


Inventory Log

Inventory Items


I need help getting these tables to communicate…

I'm not sure if I am having a problem with the relationships I have set up, or if I need to write some scripts to make things function.

I would like the database to automatically create records in the Inventory Log when someone creates a new record in the Inventory Items table. I would also like to have the Invoices update the Inventory Log as well…but don't know how to make the whole "debit and credit" thing actually work…

I thought I could set up an "Add to Inventory Log" button on the Inventory Items screen, but don't know enough about scripts to make it work… I tried using set field and got no results…  I DO have "allow creation of new records" checked in the Edit Relationship dialog area though.

 This is the script I tried to attach to the button:

New Window [Name: "Inventory Log"]

Go To Layout ["Inventory Log" (Inventory Log)]

New Record Request

Set Field [Inventory Log::ID_ID Inventory]

Is there a step missing in the script, or should I be trying something else to carry a new record over from the Inventory Items table to the Inventory log table? Also, from what I think I understand, creating a new Invoice should also remove items from the inventory log table…but I guess if I can get it working with the Inventory Items table I might be able to figure it out with the Invoices.

Thanks for your help,