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    Invoice and Schedule check box



      Invoice and Schedule check box


      Hi There,

      Forgive me if something like this has been posted, but I don't know what to call it...

      I have two tables [Invoices] and [Schedule]. [Schedule] has 365 records in it corresponding to each day of the year. It is related by a linking table that allows me to put multiple records from [Invoice] onto any records from [Schedule] that they may be relevant to.

      I need to be able to show on the invoice record that it appears on the scedule. I'd like to do this with a checkbox or radio button that is checked when it appears on a record in the Schedule.

      This is to prevent someone from forgetting to put an invoice/event on the schedule.


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          Is this the relationship you are using?

          Invoices::InvoiceDate = Schedule::EventDate (Your field names may vary of course)

          That might work to "put your invoice on the schedule" without any need for the user to do so.

          If this is not how you've set this up, please describe the current set up.

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            I have it set up in the picture below.

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              So you "put an invoice into the schedule" by creating a related record in ShowdayInvoiceLink?

              That can be automated with a script trigger so that no user action is required.

              If you need a visual indicator that such a record has been created, you can use this calculation in a calculation field:

              Not IsEmpty (ShowdayInvoiceLink::InvoiceID )

              You can format this field as a checkbox group in the inspector if you assign it a value list of just 1 as it's only value. Then the field will appear as a checkbox that is checked only if a related record in ShowdayInvoiceLink exists.

              You could also use boolean data formatting in the Inspector to format this field to show any label of 7 letters or less, such as Sched and UnSched for True and False (1 and 0 ) values.

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                PERFECT! Thanks!

                The formula works and I used the field as a checkbox set with a value of 1.