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Invoice lookup from contacts list

Question asked by BERGSTEN on Jun 17, 2010
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Invoice lookup from contacts list




My table setup is as follows:


[Invoice] ->[Companies]->[Contacts]



I have Contacts listed in a separate table from their companies because in the industry we work in, many people switch companies often. This way I can keep their contact info separate from a company.


What I'd like to know if if there is a way in FMP11 (Windows XP) that I can make a contact field in the [Invoice] table a drop down list or pop-up menu of the listed contacts under a company (their currently listed in a portal on the company layout ). [Invoices] are related to [companies] by company_ID and [Companies] are related to [Contacts] via company ID.


I searched the forum, but I didn't get anything this specific, if you know of something that already exists, please let me know. Sorry if this is a redundant post.