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Invoice Payment Solution

Question asked by jlhsolutions on Aug 29, 2011
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Invoice Payment Solution


I am currently working on adding a payment tracker to my invoicing solution. I started with the FM StartingPoint database and now I am trying to add in a way to enter payments and mark invoices as PAID. I have done some research and have gotten a few ideas, but I am struggling on how to implement this.

First, all invoices are tired to an ACCOUNT. So I am not sure if I should have the Payments be applied to the account or the invoice. I want to be able to have each invoice marked as PAID when a payment is recieved. Sometimes payment is for the full amount of the invoice, sometimes it covers a few outstanding invoices. I suppose there could be a time when it will cover a full invoice and only a partial invoice.

So I am trying to get something set up that I can enter in a payment and have it apply the amount to the oldest invoice and mark it as paid. Then take the remaining amount and apply it towards the next oldest invoice and keep working up the list. Maybe I need to just have the payment applied to the account and then have something that determines if the invoice was paid and if so mark it as paid.

Any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated.