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    Invoice Portal Issue



      Invoice Portal Issue


           I am trying to modify the FM starting point template to create an invoicing system.

           I have been able to get information to auto populate on other parts of the invoice, when you input an account ID the rest of the info populate. I have not been able to get the line items on the invoice to populate information. I made a drop down box where they can select the SKU number but the product name will not populate. 

           I have been trying a number of ways to get this to work with no success. I have the products table and invoice line items table related to the invoice through the SKU number. 

           Thank you for the help!

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               The discussion in this thread may help: Auto Fill

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                 That is how I was able to auto populate the rest of the invoice. I can't seem to get this process to work with the line items portal. Any thoughts on why it would work with the rest of the invoice but not via the portal?

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                   This is not a database solution that I have in front of me to examine. I only know what you describe to me. The same methods described in the thread I recommended will work for your line items provided you have the correct relationships, match field values and value lists set up in order to make it work.

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                     Not sure if this is impolite to ask, but would you be able to take a look what I have and see if you could give me some suggestions. I am a newby and am not sure what to try next. 

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                       That would be a case of handing out some "free consulting", but you can also simply describe your current design of this portion of your database instead of leaving it to others to guess what you do or do not have set up. You can then include a more detailed description of what is and is not working for you. (I enter/select a value in field A, but then I get/don't get a value in field B....)

                       One way to do this is to upload a screen shot of the relevant portion of Manage | Database | Relationships.

                       If you do, please also do this:

                       Expose the match fields in the relevant table occurrence boxes so that others can refer to them by name when needed.

                       Identify which table occurrences are specified in Layout Setup | Show Records from and in Portal Setup | Show related records from so that we can correlate your layout design with your data model inside Manage | Database.

                       A screen shot of your layout, captured while in layout mode may also prove helpful.

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                         That makes sense, I will work on getting screen shots up. Thank you for all the help!