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    Invoice Portal Trouble



      Invoice Portal Trouble


           I have been having difficulty getting an invoice portal to work correctly. I was able to get the information to pull through for one line item but when I try to add a second invoice line item it wont allow me to enter anything. I have included some screen shots to see if that can shed more light on my problem. 


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               This would appear to be the portal between line items and your products table occurrences. What do you have linking invoices to line items?

               is "Allow creation of records via this relationship" enabled for line items in the invoices to line items relationship?

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                 I do have "allow creation of records via this relationship" I have Invoice ID as the link from invoice to line items. I am most confused that it will allow me to create the first line item but no subsequent items. 

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                   Your own screen shot shows that this is not selected.

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                     I apologize, that was an old screen shot. When you mentioned that, I went back and selected that box but am still encountering the same problem. 

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                       Is the layout based on T12_Invoices? (That should be the exact text shown in "show records from" in Layout Setup...

                       Is the portal based on T12j_invoices_LINE_ITEM | | id_invoice| ? (That is what should appear in "show related records from" in portal setup.)

                       In browse mode, is there one blank row in the portal after the last row that contains data?

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                         1. Yes, the layout is based on T12_Invoices 

                         2. Yes, the portal is T12j_invoices_Line_ITEM || id_invoice|

                         3. In browse mode, when I click the button "Add new line Item" the beige line populates as you can see in the picture. It will not let me select the SKU drop down field or alter any of the fields in that line. Below it is a blank row 

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                           If you are using a scripted button to add a line item record, you do not need to enable "allow creation.." "Allow Creation" is what puts the blank "add row" in your portal and you don't need this if you are using a button add new portal records.

                           If you can see data in a field but can't click to enter the field, there are two possible causes:

                           a) Select the field while in Browse mode and check the Inspector's behavior settings on the data tab. Make sure that the check box for Browse mode is selected.

                           b) some of these starter solutions include an invisible button or field inside portal rows. If that object's stacking order places it on top of the fields in the portal row, you won't be able to click on the field and see the cursor appear in the field or the drop down list deploy.

                           And some such portal rows have two fields on top of each other for selecting an item. One field, hidden behind the other is formatted as a drop down list, the top field, with the "Browse mode" behavior check box cleared is placed on top of it to show the selected "name" field that appears in the drop down list. Should that field hidden in back be removed or have browse mode access blocked, you would lose the ability to select from the drop down list.