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    Invoice price fields calculation



      Invoice price fields calculation


           Hi filemakers, 

           I have a question. My printing company has two different types of orders. Affiliate orders and custom orders. We deal with museums and when a customer purchases a print off their site we get the order and fulfill it. So on my invoices, I have relationships set up to grab prices from our pricing tables as related to the affiliate that it's been ordered from.

           Secondly when we get a custom order, walk in or referral, I need the price fields to pull in information to calculate the final costs. 

           My question is, should the price fields be conditional on say if there is an affiliate id then do this, or if not then do this. or should there be two different price fields, 1 for each layout ( custom or affiliate ) that specifically handles that type of job and knows where to look.

           It seems like my situation would be a common one and I'm hoping to find the best practices to handle this. Thank you in advance.



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               Could you give us a little bit more information about your pricing?

               Do you have a price list? Like a price per painting that you print for a museum?
               Or is it more general like a price per page size and paper type etc?

               You could make a price list that has two price fields "AffiliatePrice" or "CustomerPrice" And then get the appropriate price.

               But I don't know enough about your situation to be able to make a detailed suggestion.