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    Invoice printing problems



      Invoice printing problems



      I have been working on invoices. I decided to use the invoice template offered in the program. However, when I go to the invoice print layout, I see the invoice, but then each product purchased is saved as a record, so at the end it shows me the invoices but all the products purchased are together.

      Does this make sense? If someone can PLEASE help me, I would really appreciate it. I need to have this database done by tomorrow and this is holding me back. I can email you (whoever wants to help me) personally and send what I have done and where my problem is...

      I reall yhope someone can help me. I am dying here.

      Thanks in advance.


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          Take a look at the script the starter solution's script for this. It's called "view invoice". It uses Go To Related Records to pull up just the line item records from the current invoice so that printing the invoice from this layout only prints the line items associated with it.

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            Is there a way to set it up so that the invoice itself is a record? and not the items? Do I make sense?

            AND THANK YOU for taking time to help me.

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              The invoice is a record. You have one record in Invoices and potentially multiple records in LineItems so a flexible number of items can be purchased on a given invoice. Data from both the Invoice record and the related set of LineItems records are combined in the invoice layout of the starter solution. This is the most flexible way to print an invoice as it adjusts to print one out for any number of items purchased.

              You could set up a layout that prints from a layout based on the Invoice table, and displays the line items in a portal like the invoices layout where you create the invoice, but then you are limited to the number of rows displayed in the portal. If a customer purchases more items than the number of rows in the portal, you have to start a new invoice for them in order to list the additional items purchased.

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                Thank you.. youe explanation makes sense. However this invoices are to be used for services. And so I was hoping to just have a view of the invoice itself with the ites entered. In the view it will be all a group and not each service individually. I did however started a new layout. Seems to be working.

                Now I just need to figure out how to make a text box in which the person can choose a greeting or a personalized message.. but of course for more than 1 client.. bla... I do not think I make sense.. but like i said.. I did start a new layout. Thank you again.

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                  "And so I was hoping to just have a view of the invoice itself with the items entered."

                  The layout set up to print invoices in the starter solution does exactly that. I don't see the advantage to changing this to a layout where it's possible to leave out an item if the customer purchases more items (services) that will fit in the portal.

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                    Then maybe I was looking at it wrong, but when I went to the print invoice and wanted to see the invoice, it always separated each record as an item. So if let's say PhiModJunk bought shoes, a sweater and a coat- I entered all the items in one invoice. When I went to print invoice and wanted to print the invoice, then I saw AN invoice with Phi--- purchasing a sweater, the next record was the purchase of the coat, etc. I was not able to see the invoice with all three purchased items. And that is when I started to get annoyed and could not figure out what I was doing wrong or what was wrong... and so I just started a new layout. :(

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                      The layout should be set up with the view as list option. It sounds like the layout is using view as form. Also, editing the layout in ways that change the size of the header and footer can limit you to one item per page if they are too big. You might also see something like this is the fields were moved so that they are part of the header or footer. The field need only overlap these layout parts by one pixel.

                      Here's a simpler invoicing demo file you may want to look at for ideas: 


                      This invoice was not created by me, but by another poster named "Comment".