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invoice problem

Question asked by GregShaw on Aug 27, 2010


invoice problem


I am using FM Pro 11 on Windows XP. Currently, I am using a template called FileMaker Starting Point 2.1. I really like it so far except for one big issue:
I have recently input data  for 30 contacts and I am in the process of inputting data for multiple  invoices for each contact. When I input data into a new invoice report, I  go to the upper left section with project, account, contact, email, and  staff fields. I normally click on the magnifying glass icon and search  for the contact I want, then click "select" and boom--all the  information for a contact appears below and the invoice is now linked to  that contact. After the 10th invoice (overall) (so invoice #11), I  clicked the magnifying glass next to contact and clicked "select". This  time, a different contact's information appeared and the invoice was  linked to that contact. So, I tried with a different search query and  the same thing occurred--the same contact appeared. After this happened,  I thought I could clear the fields individually and enter in the  correct information, which was allowed, but the invoice was still linked  to the wrong contact. Also, I when I input a new contact and create an invoice based on that contact, I am able to search for the contact and find it in the search feature but when I select it, all fields in the invoice remain blank.

Nothing seems to be wrong with the scripts. Is there a limit? How do I resolve this problem?