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    Invoice Report



      Invoice Report


           I have an invoice file that has the following:

           Invoice line items (These line items are based on a conditional value list)

           When I do the report script see attached it all comes up fine but what I want to show under each class is the dates and times for each class.  As you can see from the relationship graph the classes are built out of parts.  The part for the life of me I cannot figure out:

           No matter where I place the TO for Class Date Time I cannot get these records to fall into the body of the report under its class.





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          /files/13ca539188/Screen_Shot_2013-12-16_at_4.46.29_PM.png 879x160
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                 Last Pict to help.



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                   It's really hard for me to see in my minds eye what is going on here with all the TO's. I think you're picking the wrong TO for c_Course_Name.  You have this field selected from Classes Condition, and I wonder if it should come from Estivoice Line Items | Class |

                   Also in your script, why do you GTRR, new window, then in the next step, Go To Layout (same layout)?

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                     Thanks on the script step. fixed.


                     on the other the basic thing here is two TO groups.  Top is how the classes are built. Name of class then add dates and times for that class.  (These are the data fields I want to follow c_Course_Name thru to the invoice within the body of the invoice under 'PART' sort by c_course_name from the LINE_ITEMS 'TO' which is attached to invoices.  Estivoice is the same name as invoice for this solution.


                     the TO group at the bottom is the estivoice group and on the right are my attempts to get this to work.


                     Basically I want an invoice that shows the course name and its dates and times for each class they sign up for on that invoice.  I hope this helps more.



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                       this might not help - but exactly what does the sort do - what is it sorting on?

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                         Got Milk.

                         See pict... Maybe that is the problem?   :)



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                                No matter where I place the TO for Class Date Time I cannot get these records to fall into the body of the report under its class.

                           There are only two ways to get a group of records in the body of a list view type report:

                      1.           Base the layout on the table for those records.
                      3.           Use a portal to the table for those records.
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                             OK.  Thanks. The issue then becomes the invoice or c_Class_name but I will base the layout on that table and see if I can get the report to look as close to it as I need it but that helps.  Thank you again.