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    Invoice Starter Solution,



      Invoice Starter Solution,


      In the Invoice starter solution, there is an excellent script that updates the inventory in Products whenever a new invoice is created. I have successfully integrated this solution into a database that contains a po table as the PO table works in identical fashion to products as per invoices when pulling up and calculating product info using the lineitems join table as linker i.e. 

      invoice . lineitems . products

      po . lineitems 2 . products

      but  I don't know how to add to the inventory using the PO. I used the invoice script as the model to make this happen as the field setup in PO is similar to that of invoice but sad to say, nothing happens. I know enough about scripting to be dangerous but not good.

      Any help on this would be terrific.

      Seen below is a screen shot of my "wonderful" script which is very similar to the invoice script that does the deed on the invoice side of things.


      Bob Moran 


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          As designed, you wouldn't as I understand it. That's one of the limitations to this starter solution. I believe you'd need to open up a products based layout where you have access to the inventory level fields and update the amounts there--not how I'd devise an inventory management system.

          For an alternative approach that you can consider, (It allows you to not only see what your current inventory levels are, but allows you to see how levels change over time), do a search of this forum for "inventory ledger".

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            Terrific, I will do that right now.