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Invoice Starter Solution,

Question asked by remoran_1 on Jan 17, 2012
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Invoice Starter Solution,


In the Invoice starter solution, there is an excellent script that updates the inventory in Products whenever a new invoice is created. I have successfully integrated this solution into a database that contains a po table as the PO table works in identical fashion to products as per invoices when pulling up and calculating product info using the lineitems join table as linker i.e. 

invoice . lineitems . products

po . lineitems 2 . products

but  I don't know how to add to the inventory using the PO. I used the invoice script as the model to make this happen as the field setup in PO is similar to that of invoice but sad to say, nothing happens. I know enough about scripting to be dangerous but not good.

Any help on this would be terrific.

Seen below is a screen shot of my "wonderful" script which is very similar to the invoice script that does the deed on the invoice side of things.


Bob Moran