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Invoice system with product selection

Question asked by NielHeesakkers on Feb 10, 2012
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Invoice system with product selection


Hi All

I am making an invoice system for myself but I am stuck at one part.

The system is made out of 3 layouts

- Contacts

- Products

- Invoice

What I want to do is make an new invoice, select a client from a pulldown menu (one of the clients I made in my contacts part). This is working.

In my invoice description I would like to have is a pulldown menus where I can select a product. And whe I need more products on my invoice that I can add an invoice line. Hope this makes sence ...

What I have right now is a portal with my productcode pulldown menu. This is working, I see my products, but I can not add an extra line ... I've tried several things ...


Can anybody help me?

You can download the file I am working on here


Thanks in advance