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    Invoice Template



      Invoice Template


           I am trying to use the invoice template, however there are a few modifications I would like to add


           1. Can the prodcuts have sub-catagories? (ex. I select the model P34 and then I can choose color, interior, handle, etc.)  I want all these fields to show on the sales order and invoice. 

           2. Can I create different price levels for retail and dealer?

           3. Is there a simple way to create a sales order before jumping straight to the invoice?  I would also like to add a deposit field where when the customer leaves a deposit when they place the order it is reflected in the balance. 

           4. Projection Finish Date- created off of the order date and how many units are in production. 


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               The invoice template from FileMaker 11 or FileMaker 12. They aren't the same.

               1. You can add additional fields in the portal's table (called line items in the FMP 11 starter solution and INvoice data in the FMP 12 version.) These fields can then be used to select additional options for the selected item.

               2. You can add a second price field to the products table And also a field to invoices for identifying whether the invoices is retaile or wholesale. The unit price field in the portal's table can be an auto-enter calculation that uses the invoice type to determine which price field is copied from PRoducts for a given item.

               3. I don't understand what you are tying to do. What problem are you trying to solve by creating an invoice record without actually being on the innvoice layout?

               Yes you can add a deposit field to the invoice table and modify the calculation fields that compute an invoice total to subtract any recorded deposit.

               4. This can be done but I'd need a more complete picture of how the number of units in production is used to compute this date and how your database tracks the number of units that are in production.

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                 Filemaker Pro 11 version


                 1. Ok, so I have gone into table:line items and created a field called color.  I then created a value list to show all of the color options available.  Where and how do I get it on the invoices layout?  

                 I guess I need to relate it somehow?

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              1.           Go to the invoices layout.
              3.           Enter layout mode.
              5.           Resize the portal row and/or the fields in it to make room for your new field.
              7.           Drag from the field tool in the status tool bar to your portal row.
              9.           Specify fields opens up. Select the same name from the drop down that you see in the lower right corner of the portal when it is in layout mode.
              11.           Click your new field from the list that appears and click OK.
              13.           Adjust the size and position of the newly added field if necessary.
              15.           Go to the inspector's data tab and select your value list format for it.
              17.           Enter Browse mode and test.

                   These are the standard steps for adding a new field to your layout.

                   You may also want to open set tab order to adjust how your field focus jumps from field to field when you press tab to make sure that you can still enter data into your portal row in an expected left to right sequence.