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invoice template as a stock system

Question asked by bencuervo on Feb 5, 2013
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invoice template as a stock system


     well hello i have what i hope is a simple question - and i have been searching but cant find the answer i need so hoping someone can help! - i havw a cloting bussiness and need a new stock system that i can create invoices from and the nummbers what i put on the inovice is subtracted from the amout of stock of that product, i have started with the invoice template - and this seems to be correct as you can have a list of products and also easly create invoices - 

     the problems i have are - i create a a new record in the product section - and set an amout in"stock " eg 100 jeans 

     i then create an invoive - i pick the product style from a drop down box on the invoice fine then put in a quantity say 50 jeans - what i need is that 50 to be taken fron the product part of the data base - hope that makes sense

     the second problem i have is say i have created a product record for jeans i need to be able to have on thatrecord the option to have small medium large and extra large of the same product  - and each size to have a diffrent stock level 

     this will link back to my first problem say i make an invoice for 5 small jeans 10 medium 10 large 2 extra large in need it to take that amout from the part that shows how many in stock! 

     sorry fo the essay i really hope someone can help - thanks in advance ben