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Invoice Trouble

Question asked by Katrina on Jun 29, 2010


Invoice Trouble


I have been modifying the layout of the starter solution "Invoices" in File Maker Pro to accomodate my business needs. However, in doing so I seemed to have deleted an important relationship between tables and cannot get it back. Under the initial invoice tab, when making a new record and a name is selected from the drop list of "Bill To", that person's address is supposed to fill in the appropriate fields. I changed the drop down list of "Bill To" to be a list of job names instead of customer names. When doing so, I somehow deleted the box labeled "Invoice Billing Customer" connected to "Invoices" found when managing the relationships. I was able to open a new starter solution of "Invoices" in order to mimic the relationship again, yet still when I select a "bill to", no address appears. I don't know if it's a problem with the address fields themselves or if it was the relationship I attempted to recreate. How do I get the appropriate address to appear when the customer is selected in the invoice?