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    Invoice with back page?



      Invoice with back page?



           Hi everyone,
           I would like to know if there is a way to add a back page to my invoice. The back page is only static texts and images that describes the conditions of the sales.
           It could be printed only on the back of the first page or on the back of all page in the case of an invoice with more than one page.
           Thank you.

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               Is any of this data different from invoice to invoice or always the same? If it's always the same you might print this on the entire stack of paper stock--probably cheaper to have  print shop or use a photocopier to do this and then flip the stock over and place it in your pirnter for printing invoices. Of course you will then have to remember to change stock each time you want to print something other than an invoice from your printer...

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                 The data is always the same, until we need to change it. But since we use printer that handle back printing, we prefer to have FMP doing it.
                 Thank you for this comment.