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    Invoice with different tax rates



      Invoice with different tax rates



           Is it possible to add different tax rates to invoice? example If i have to give one product with 5% of tax and in the same bill i need add 8% tax. i Found the tax filed at the bottom of the record. But i need it together with the line. So it should help the customer to see the tax percentage, tax amount to each product.

           Please help me to solve this problem. I am new to filemaker and i need to learn more.


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               I am guessing that you are using an invoices starter solution.

               Do you mean that different products are taxed at different rates? If so, you can add that rate for defining a field for it in Products, then you can add a field in InvoiceData (or LineItems if you are using an older version of the invoices starter solution) to look up that rate and use it in a calculation to compute the amount of tax for that item.