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    Invoices and Statements



      Invoices and Statements


      I have just done the first two lessons and no problems with that. Possibly jumping ahead; if I set up invoicing for my database, is it possible to record payments and issue statements as well?

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          Lessons from what tutorial? There are a bunch of different ones you could be referring to.

          It's certainly possible. You'd need at least a table for recording each payment made by a customer/client and possibly a join table to link a payment to multiple invoices and multiple payments to an invoice if your business practices permit that.

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            Tutorial with trial version. Just mucking around with a sample database called invoice.

            I presume then thats another table i set up that the invoices are recorded into... and another table to record payments also linked to the statement page?

            Its not for a 'business' but is a membership database for a small organisation that has multiple membership categories including family rates so that two or more children would receive a discount on their membership...

            It would be ideal if we could link the children together ... and identify relationships. I can't see anything in Bento to do that job...

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              No, this would be a table for recording payments on outstanding invoices if you don't stick to one payment per invoice.

              The join table is an advanced concept that is easier to understand after you complete the tutorial and then acquire a bit more knowledge about how relational databases are structured. It enables you to link many payments to one invoice and also one payment to many invoices. This may or may not be useful to your organization.

              I'm just letting you know that what you describe can be done with FileMaker.

              And yes, identifying family relationships can also be done with FileMaker.

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                Thanks for that PhilModjunk! Sounds like the business to keep tabs of all these facets. I havent used anything like Filemaker before - would have used Works database and excel only.

                Have moved over to Mac and need something like this to help reduce the paperwork involved.

                Looks like it will be worth the money.

                I'm ok with usual run of the mill spreadsheets and dbases and I think I can pick it up fairly quickly... at least I hope so.

                Thanks again

                Turlough O Brien