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           I have tried looking at the Invoicing and Estimates Starter Solutions first.  They are more complex than what I am looking for and despite my best efforts at emulating them, I come up short.

           We are a small contracting firm.   We basically deal with one customer, but for insurance purposes we have three business we do quotes & invoicing under.

           In the attached screen shorts, when we show the COMPANY names, that is our company name we are using.

           The salesman is the salesman at our customer that gave us the work.

           The problem I am encountering is very simple; how do I enter multiple lines on the quote/invoice.

           Following the examples, I created a table called Invoice Data with three fields: the Invoice #, Description and Amount.

           I then created a portal, but for the life of me cannot get it to enter any data.

           I just need to be able to enter several lines that show the description of the work to be done and the cost.

           I have uploaded what I consider the most useful screen shot, I have other available.

           Please, keep it simple !




               Here is the RELATIONSHIPS screen shot

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                 Is Invoice # in the invoices table defined to auto-enter a serial number?

                 If you double click the relationship line linking Invoices to Invoice Data, is the check box for "allow creation of records via this relationship" selected for Invoice Data?

                 If those two things are set up correctly, then a portal to Invoice Data, when placed on an Invoices layout, will automatically show one blank row in the portal when you first create a new invoices record. If you then enter data into one of the fields in the portal row, a new record will automatically be created in Invoice Data. The value of Invoice # of your current Invoices record will be copied to Invoice # of the newly created Invoice Data record and thus it will be linked to your current invoice and will appear in the portal. As you create such a new record in the portal, a new blank "add" row will appear below it for adding the next related invoice data record.

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                   Couple of things.  Your layout shows a description of work and cost.   It appears to be a portal with no fields. I dont see a cost field on the layout or in your table occurance.   Also, is your company or the name of the DB suppose to be called ''Qoutes''?   Otherwise you have a typo

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                     Once I clicked on the "allow creation of records" option then the field appeared in the portal.    The next problem is that it allows entry into the two fields on the first line, but then when I press Tab, it only allows for the Description of Work field, no more Cost fields.

                     I have set by tab sequences correctly so that they naturally follow one another

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                       Here is my relationship settings for that portal.


                       By the way, the answer is yes to it being a serial number.

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                         I'm definitely wet under the collar with filemaker... but have you looked at "layouts", "set tab order" when you are in your edit layout mode?


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                           The cost field isn't fully in the portal row. Try dragging the field off the portal and then back in, making sure the whole field is inside the boundaries of the portal row.

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                             I was about to post what Phil_1886 posted but then saw that he beat me to it. But I will add a "minor quibble". To me, it looks like the field IS fully inside the portal row, but that the field is not "owned" by the portal and thus only appears in the first portal row. Do as Phil recommends and the portal should then "own" the field. You can check this by dragging the portal a few pixels. Fields "owned" by the portal will move when the portal moves.

                             The most common way that this happens is that developers add a field to the portal row outside of the portal and then use the Inspector's Alignment tools to pull the field into alignment with fields already inside the portal row. This appears to put the field where you need it, but the portal fails to "own" the object pulled into the portal by these alignment tools. The "fix" is to use the mouse to drag the field into the portal row first, then use the alignment tools to adjust it's position once it is already owned by the portal object.

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                               Many, many thanks.  Works just fine now.