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Invoicing with sub-parts?

Question asked by vahorsevet on Feb 9, 2012
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Invoicing with sub-parts?


I am trying to create an invoice that has sub-parts. In the main or top section, the client/customer information is entered along with services/products to be billed directly or globally to the customer. The sub-parts involve different 'projects' billed to the same client itemized with services and/or products in the same time period or on the same day. There could be from one to multiple sub-parts (10 or more projects). What approach would be the best way to handle this idea? I have accomplished the main or top part already, but trying to bring in  the first project sub-part that calls on the same services and or products table information does not work using my invoice-portal method with appropriate join table to services or to products, when placed on the same invoice layout. Sub-summary parttions do not work either. I have done this previously by a non-portal method and without using join tables, but it was a long involved process with repetitive fields and much scripting. Was hoping to find a better way!