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    Invoicing- Customer information autofill



      Invoicing- Customer information autofill


           Hello Ladies and Gents,


           Can't seem to get my invoice form to auto fill the customer informtion. I'm trying to have a similar setup as quickbooks where I can select the customers name and then it auto fills the billing address. Any advice?


           Also on a simpler note (hopefully) can anyone tell me how to lock forms once they are filled out, so that someone can not go to it and change/ delete information. Again kind of like quick books where i can "save" to prevent editing of forms


           - My current database is centered around the video provided by Guys Stevens. with some personal modifications tailored to what i need. I currently have my customer information form linked to the invocie form through a balance sheet like in the video. Also I tried putting a portal in the invoice page selecting bring in data from my cutomers information form but it keeps coming out blank. 

           A couple of my guesses are that problems might be occuring because:

           1) the two forms are not directly related, so thats why the portal isnt working...but i have a simlar portal working through the balance sheet for other forms

           2) Im not selecting the correct relationship setup (see picture)

           3) im just going full retard 




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               You first need to look at the relationships between your tables. Unless the correct relationship with the correct match fields is in place, there's no easy way to get this to work for you.

               If you open the Invoices starter solution that comes with either FileMaker 11 or 12, you can see a working example of what you want to do.

               You may also find this thread to be helpful: Auto Fill

               With regards to your second question, we achieved that result for our system so that when a status field on a "receipts" table changes to "Printed", only users with a full access privilege set can edit the fields in the record.

               See "Editing record access privileges" in FileMaker Help and check out this particular sub section: "Entering a formula for limiting access on a record-by-record basis" for a description of how to set this up.

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                 Hey, Never got around to saying thanks!


                 Im still working on checking the relationships of my tables but, looking at the starter solution was a good idea!