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Invoicing- Customer information autofill

Question asked by AndrewCabrera_1 on Nov 27, 2013
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Invoicing- Customer information autofill


     Hello Ladies and Gents,


     Can't seem to get my invoice form to auto fill the customer informtion. I'm trying to have a similar setup as quickbooks where I can select the customers name and then it auto fills the billing address. Any advice?


     Also on a simpler note (hopefully) can anyone tell me how to lock forms once they are filled out, so that someone can not go to it and change/ delete information. Again kind of like quick books where i can "save" to prevent editing of forms


     - My current database is centered around the video provided by Guys Stevens. with some personal modifications tailored to what i need. I currently have my customer information form linked to the invocie form through a balance sheet like in the video. Also I tried putting a portal in the invoice page selecting bring in data from my cutomers information form but it keeps coming out blank. 

     A couple of my guesses are that problems might be occuring because:

     1) the two forms are not directly related, so thats why the portal isnt working...but i have a simlar portal working through the balance sheet for other forms

     2) Im not selecting the correct relationship setup (see picture)

     3) im just going full retard