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Invoking Skypeout from Filemaker

Question asked by banterer on Oct 26, 2008
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Invoking Skypeout from Filemaker




I'm new to Filemaker Pro and realize that as a newbie, I have no idea looking at any scripting yet but it appears that it should be able to work. Please take a look at what I am pasting and tell me why when I click on the button I create, it opens up a browser window that goes nowhere instead of calling Skype and making the call. Is it possible that my Mac is not configured to have Skype respond to "callto"?


Placing calls via SkypeOut from FileMaker Pro

With just a single click on a button in your application you can place a Skype call.

You need a prepaid SkypeOut account.

In the database you need a phone number field - e.g. "" - to be filled in the following format:



31 = country code for the Netherlands
30 = area code for Utrecht
1234567 = the subscriber number

Now create a calculation field "":

"callto:+" &

Now create a script "Call phone via SkypeOut" with only one line of code:

"Open URL" [No dialog, ""]

That's all;=)

Good luck!