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IOS Conversion Tool Will It Happen Soon

Question asked by user14040 on Jun 28, 2013
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IOS Conversion Tool Will It Happen Soon


     For a long time now I have been wanting to put what I create with Filemaker into the AppStore I've searched everywhere on the internet to find something but with no success.  FMTouch had a online tool that converted my FM 11 database into a ISO app but it was extremely limited so I dont understand why Filemaker does not add this feature to FM Pro Advance it certainly will be worth the added cost.

     FMGO is great but to tell your clients go to the AppStore to install then install my app is a bit much, dont get me wrong FM GO has its uses but for someone who is interested in just creating a app and putting in the Appstore it would be nice to just say this is my design you dont need another app for it to work.

     Does anyone think this will happen anytime soon.