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    IP and/or MAC address tracking



      IP and/or MAC address tracking


      Is it possible to obtain or track the MAC address or IP of a User connecting to FileMaker Pro Advanced 10 over the web?

      I am looking into the product to create a timeclock system for my offsite employees and would need this capabilities.



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          Thank you for your post.


          Only with the FileMaker Server product can you track the IP address.


          With FileMaker Pro Advanced 10, one possibility is to create Account Name and passwords for each user, and when they log into the file, the function Get (AccountName) can retrieve the user name.



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            Can anyone tell me how I would incorporate this method into my Start Up script for my solution?

            I want to ensure that when any of my users set up in Manage -> Security open the file remotely, it logs them in as the correct user.

            Thanks in advance...