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iPad / iTouch App for Cycle Count - Oracle ODBC

Question asked by PatrickTarpey on Oct 3, 2012


iPad / iTouch App for Cycle Count - Oracle ODBC


     Hey all,

     I am new to the forum and very limited on time, so forgive me in advance if any of these questions have been answered (I didn't find anything in specific in searching).

     My company uses IFS (our ERP solution) which talks to an Oracle Db. I am trying to create a simple Cycle Count app for the warehouse where they can:

     1. Scan a location (with a bluetooth scanner hooked up to the iOS device).

     2. Scan a part number.

     3. Enter a quantity.

     4. Data writes to Oracle - move on to the next.

     I have the app created and talking to Oracle. I can see data in IFSTEST (our test Db).

     My issue is I am having problems connecting the iOS using FMGO and I am running low on time with the trial. I have requested Port 5003 be open on the firewall so I can pull the app up.

     In short, has anybody here done something similar, if not the same, and had success? I don't want to spend thousands on a theird party developer - I'd rather do it inhouse. I've been having fun with FMPro, but if it won't do what I need, then I have to look at other solutions. Any input would be appreciated.