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iPad connection to host laptop

Question asked by KurtMitenbuler on Aug 1, 2011
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iPad connection to host laptop


I have been using FMGo on my iPad to input data into my FMPro DB on the host computer (macbook air). I  have a substantial amount of pull down menu value lists for data input; the iPad allows a very nice alternative to trackpad-ing from item to item.  I set up my iPhone as a Personal Hotspot, and connect laptop and iPad via internet thru the iPhone

It's kinda cool, it works, but it's a tad slow, and there's a few other issues.  Also, I sometimes work remote sites where internet access is minimal/sketchy at best.  I would much rather simply plug in the iPad via USB and "run" the host file without having to resort to internet connection.

I've run through the search options but can't seem to find anything, so I apologize if this has been covered before.

Is there a way to simply plug the iPad into the host laptop?  I've tried a a few ways, but nothing works.  

Any good ideas?  Thanx in advance